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philosophy message in a bottle special rainforest foundation edition shower gel

philosophy message in a bottle special rainforest foundation edition shower gel

philosophy message in a bottle special rainforest foundation edition shower gel

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philosophy's relationship with everyone at the rainforest foundation and those who help to fight to save the rainforest has become a very special one and close to our hearts at philosophy. we have decided to take our relationship one step further and sell the redesigned (sting tribute) message in a bottle solely to benefit the rainforest foundation and to honor sting and trudie styler for all the selfless work they have done to help save the rainforest as well as everyone who works for the foundation and helps to promote this cause.

message in a bottle is our mineral enriched, bath and shower gel scented with a romantic, mystical clean, crisp fragrance, inspired by rain water and the sea. it renews and refreshes...a feeling you might get by breathing in the pure, dewy air of the rainforest. this special edition message in a bottle is exclusive to and all proceeds will go to benefiting the rainforest foundation.

Customer Reviews

  • I would first like to express what is most important to me personally with this product. I support any company that will donate 100% of their proceeds to charity and set off a chain reaction of good will! Message in a Bottle is one of six products that Philosophy carries in their charity line. This gives me and millions of others an opportunity to donate to a charity of choice as well as enjoy the product. The beauty of this particular product is that if you feel strongly about doing your part in helping to save the rainforest and supporting Sting and Trudy and everyone at the rainforest foundation as Philosophy does, you may do so through Philosophy's tribute. $20 well spent.

    Message in a Bottle is an ocean enriched bath gel/bubble bath with blue algea, sea kelp and spirulina. The fragrance reminds me of a fresh, ocean spa scent. Not everyone will like this scent of course, but I was surprised to find that I found the scent very relaxing and spa-like. I usually buy Philosophy's "food scents", such as philosophy cinnamon buns shampoo, conditioner, & shower gel.

    Message in a Bottle is also a great gift idea because of it's important cause and its unique bottle. If you know someone that likes the ocean or the rainforest or Sting or the spa, you are in luck! The clear plastic bottle has a statement written on the front using the titles of some of Sting's hit songs as a tribute to Sting as follows:

    Message in a Bottle

    philosophy: We thank you for helping to preserve the rainforests, our "Fields of Gold". Every song the forest sings brings a "Brand New Day". We must never lose sight of the value of the rainforest for with "Every Breath We Take" we are reminded of its poetry and genius. Mostly we thank you for purchasing "Message in a Bottle". It is your way of helping to preserve the rainforest.

  • I always notice this fragrance gets mixed reviews, and I think that is okay. It's a distinctive smell. Not everyone enjoys a musky but clean scent. I use this particular fragrance on a warm sunny day, because it's not fruity or flowery, so it won't attract bugs. It's a very clean scent that both men and women can use and enjoy. It's strong enough that it stays on the skin, and gives you a fresh from the shower smell all day long (think irish spring but better). I usually use this particular gel sparingly since it's very hard to find. It's well worth the splurge, because one bottle can last a long time.

  • I don't think there could be a more pleasant smelling bubble bath around~ It's not a heavy scent. It's not masculine or feminine. Definitely not floral. Perfect in every way, philosophy's message in a bottle is a real winner! (I know it is sold as a shower gel, but I think it works better as a bubble bath.)

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