Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Essie Nail Polish .5 oz.

Essie Nail Polish .5 oz.

Essie Nail Polish .5 oz.

From Essie Nail Polish

Exceptional quality with a durable, chip-resistant formula has made Essie a favorite among top nail techs, models, editors and celebrities across the world. .5 oz.

Customer Reviews

From Kasia S. - Essie is my favorite nail polish brand, the amount of shades made is incredible and while they stay on the safe and pretty side they are stunning and slightly different enough that I want to have them all. Two coats are all I need for shiny, strong nails and with a good top coat it lasts a few days.

In the past I would stick to pale colors such as Ballet Slipper, Potato Fields, Sugar Daddy, Waltz or Marshmallow. Now I love the black wine color called Wicked but my absolute favorite is Geranium - a wild, flaming orange/red tomato that people always seem to complement me on. I wear it with short nails of course and since getting it two weeks ago I am unable to change it, I repainted my nail 3 times since and they have been Geranium all the way through. Great for the summer, I can't wait to break out my flip flops and rock my toes with this color.

If you have nails and love to paint them then you can't go wrong with Essie!

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