Tuesday, July 15, 2008

O.P.I. Designer Series - Polsih Colors

O.P.I. Designer Series - Polsih Colors

O.P.I. Designer Series - Polsih Colors

From OPI Nail Polish

An extraordinary fusion of couture and technology, Designer Series is a line of twelve nail lacquers so unique and exceptional, it is meant to be savored by only the most exclusive audience. Its breakthrough, state-of-the-art formula combines precious, dazzling diamond dust with pigments so saturated with color that they glow. As with a perfectly cut diamond, Designer Series reflects light in an explosion of brilliance. All Designer Series lacquers feature the extravagantly lush and thick new ProWide Brush - the ultimate brush unlike any other you have ever used. This new flat brush is precisely designed so that the specially-shaped bristles align in a stack, creating a smooth, flat surface. This revolutionary new design allows the brush to hold more lacquer, spread it more quickly and evenly, and deliver a smooth, streak-free application. Apply lacquer by stroking the flat side of the brush along the nail, from cuticle to tip.


  • Polish that sparkles and shimmers

  • Chip resistant

  • Comes in a variety of colors and shades

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