Sunday, July 6, 2008

Stila Eye Shadow Pan

Stila Eye Shadow Pan

Stila Eye Shadow Pan

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What it is:A pressed eyeshadow in a range of shades.What it does:These individually pressed formulas, from classic neutrals to the hottest fashion hues, are long lasting and easy to apply-just layer to achieve the desired look. Applied wet or dry, these shadows never crease and always look fabulous.What else you need to know:Pop any Stila eyeshadow or cheek color pan into a signature Stila refillable aluminum compact. It's a perfect way to tote your favorite shades. Compact sold empty. Color pans sold separately.

Customer Reviews

  • I am a big fan of silver eyeshadow and have tried many over the years. Then I found Stila's eyeshadow in Twilight and have not strayed since. It is the perfect shade of silver with just enough sparkle. You can use it for a daytime look or a dramatic night time look. I highly recommend it.

  • I went into a Sephora store to get color matched for night-look eyeshadow. I found it to be a tricky thing since my eyes are such a rare color--amber yellow. They hooked me up with Kitten, Sun, Charm, and Viola. But I've found that these colors are so versatile that you can use them for night and day looks. For night I just double up on the amount of each for a stunning effect. Sun is great all over the eye, Charm for the lower lid, Viola for the crease, and Kitten makes the perfect highlighter. These colors have a long stay ability too which makes them wonderful additions (and addictions) for the makeup lover OR the natural girl that needs a boost.

  • These colors are subtle, blend beautifully and the pan is generously sized. So if you find a favorite (mine is Bouquet, a subtle pink good for a base), you have something that lasts and lasts. The pan can go into a replaceable palette, and that's good for the environment. The size is large enough to conveniently use a brush. Many colors can be use wet for liners.

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