Saturday, July 5, 2008

O.P.I. India Collection

O.P.I. India Collection

O.P.I. India Collection

From OPI Nail Polish

Color has the energy to excite, to soothe and charm and there has never been a better, brighter moment for color than Spring and Summer 2008. A sunny, high-energy pallette for the nails that will compliment all of the new fashions. This season of color will feature wide brimmed hats, brightly colored bangles, clutch purses, India inspired beading, metallic embroidery and what better accessories with than beautiful the season's most exciting colors!


  • A sunny and high-energy pallette for the nails

  • 12 new colors for Spring and Summer

Customer Reviews

  • Black Cherry Chutney and Moon Over Mumbai are the two new colors of the '08 season. I love darker colors for my toesies and lighter for my fingers.

    The Black Cherry Chutney is a rich, deep, royal purple base with a hint of maroon. Moon over Mumbai is a white base with a touch of gray. Both are mattes. I love the depth of Black Cherry Chutney. What I love about Moon Over Mumbai is you can put as much or as little as you want. On a thinner coat, you can see your nail whites, which gives a translucent feel.

    Both are elegant colors and can be worn together as a match for the evening or every-day wear.

  • O.P.I are, to me, the leaders in nail polish. The quality is superb and the range of colors are amazing. Sure, they tend to double up a little here and there, but there is almost no color under the sun that you couldn't find. I find that they last the longest on me and don't chip easily. They have a great finish to them, and don't go gluggy after a while.

    This collection is beautiful and the colur names are again fantastic. The two I've bought from this range are Keys To My Karma and Curry Up Don't Be Late. Who thinks of these names is a wonder - I wish I had that job.

    If you've never tried O.P.I, give them a go, because I think you'll also find what a high quality they are. There are so many shades, you can't miss. These are a luxury and and a pleasure to use. Many come in a wide brush so you need fewer strokes (this can be a problem when doing a French style), and overall, I don't have one single complaint about them. My favourite nail polish brand and I'm already looking forward to their next collection.
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