Thursday, July 10, 2008

Stila Convertible Eye Color

Stila Convertible Eye Color

Stila Convertible Eye Color

From Stila Cosmetics , Stila Eyes , Eyeliner

These versatile, dual-ended eye color wands contain a smooth, easy to apply (thanks to the built-in applicator), powder eyeshadow on one end, and a matching automatic eyeliner pencil on the other, for perfectly color-coordinated lids in a flash.

Customer Reviews

  • It's always been hard for me to find an eyeliner that goes on smoothly and delivers the perfect color. Before using this eyeliner, I could never find a product that went on this great. Other eyeliners go in chalky, rough, and dull. I love this product, except the color just doesn't stay. I believe that the fact that I'm a contact lens wearer, which makes my eyes watery. So if you have watery eyes or wear contacts, expect to re-apply often.

  • Not my favorite...I like Avon glimmer stick. Liner disappears during the day. The tiny bit of shadow (hidden in the middle) does not even show on my eyes.

  • I am hopeless when it comes to doing my eyeliner (can never get the line straight with pencils) so I had given up for years... until I found the Stila eyeliner/eyeshadow combo. It's so smooth which is great for sensitive skins and has the bonus sponge tip. The eyeshadow has a little sparkle which makes eyes look sexy. I never leave home without it now!

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