Sunday, July 27, 2008

NARS Creme Blush

NARS Creme Blush

NARS Creme Blush

From NARS Cosmetics , NARS Face , Blush

Nars cream-to-powder cheek color glazes cheeks with a sheer, glowing finish that's never greasy. Apply over freshly moisturized skin or over foundation for gorgeous color that lasts all day - and is nearly impossible to overdo.

Customer Reviews

  • Recommended in several books, as easy to use and the cream itself is much more flattering than powder. Great color.

  • And I've tried Stila, L'Oreal HIP, Revlon, a few others i forget. It goes on creamy and blends well. Wish I had tried it first and saved some money !

  • Nars is an awesome product. This Turkish Red creme blush is the best natural looking cheek color ever....and I work for a prestigious cosmetic line for a living...and it isn't Nars.
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